How to acquire, qualify, and register as ARB/RIBA Architect for non-UK/EU degree holders

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Hello and Welcome!

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Key interest areas: Data, Environment, Building

What do you do?

How are you creating an impact in your niche?

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Sustainability and Carbon Capture

The built environment could become clean and head towards TRUE emission neutrality (ZNE buildings) adopting Circular Economy measures.

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The course of my unemployment, encounters with ‘The Salary Taboo’, and lessons learnt as an architectural job seeker

Sustainability and Carbon Capture

The AEC sectors inevitable path towards Carbon Offsets

Architectonics and Data Science

Post 4: Using QGIS, and Grasshopper plugins — Heron and Elk

Aditya Vinod Buchinger

Architect | Climate actionist | Founder & Editor of Architectonics — a publication and knowledge sharing group opening up on sustainability in built environment

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