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Hello Viny,

Glad you found the article helpful.

PEDR - I am not 100 % certain about that. Best to check the official guidance for PEDR Employment Mentor. Vaguely I recall that you could record your PEDR's if you are trained under a UK qualified ARB/RIBA Architect. Is your employment mentor a UK qualified professional (UK Chartered Architect/Civil Engineer? If so, that would be sufficient.

'A job based on your degree in India?'

Of course! It is however very competitive. So you must put a good fight and present a very good portfolio. Until you have completed the 3 part qualification as in the article, you will not be considered for jobs seeking 'Architects'. But there are other roles like architectural designer, architectural assistant / equivalent.

After completing Part 3, you may or may not register at RIBA. It doesn't really matter. Think of ARB as the Council of Architecture in India, and RIBA as the Indian Institute of Architects. You don't necessarily have to be a member of IIA to register as an Architect.

Cost last I checked

Part 1 exam = £1690

Part 2 exam = £1690

Part 3 course = between £3030 to £3600 depending on your provider

(Optional) Course for Portfolio review = Between £150 to £200 (Don't try to save this bit. You will need it to structure your portfolio for Part 1 and 2 exams)

(Not cheap)

If you have a 5 year degree, I would not recommend taking the Part 2 course. Its for students who have a 3 year Bachelors degree. You are basically repeating your fourth and fifth year of Bachelors with it. If you are interested in Masters, go for the 1 year master in some specialist areas. That will be more handy than Part 2 masters.



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